Name Plate Holders and School Supplies for National Back to School Month

Name Plate Holders and School Supplies for National Back to School Month

Not that summer’s over, but August is a month of transition into more autumnal activities, like football and school. Yes, it’s time for back-to-school planning and August has been designated National Back to School Month.

With retail campaigns typically geared toward parents, “back-to-school” goes beyond notebooks, pens, backpacks, and clothes for children. Campuses for all levels of classroom learning are also ramping up for the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

Procurement budgets and discretionary spending for schools takes into consideration a myriad of fine details, regardless of how well or under funded they may be. Safety concerns are greater than they’ve been in recent years, requiring more money than has been allotted in the past for standard commonalities like safer playgrounds and pedestrian crossings.

Then there are other essentials. Every new school year is different for staff and students alike, and helping each identify new names, departments, and other crucial information is vitally important. Upgrading with the latest in eye-catching acrylic serves perfectly and cost-effectively.

Signage displays are key because no matter the age of a building, it’s going to be new to someone, if not many. Disseminating important information and directional signage can be more effectively conveyed with new Acrylic Sign Holder designs and NPWS Wall-Mounted Name Plate Holders. From explanations of policies to department identification and those all-important signs pointing to Entrances and Exits, all get a closer “can’t miss” look.

Speaking of items not to be missed: new NPAA Desktop Name Plate Holders. This modern looking take on the traditional Name Plate commands attention in slant-back Clear and Glass Green designs as well as Silver and Black Border alternatives. Inserts are easy to load and switch with new classes, and customization is also an option with eye-pleasing patterns, font choices, and pre-printing on select orders.

Go ahead and explore the easy-to-read possibilities.  After all, National Back-to-School Month only comes around once a year!