Name Plate Holders and National Payroll Week

Name Plate Holders and National Payroll Week

Now here’s a celebration everyone can get behind…the commemoration of a common event so popular, it doesn’t just get a day: it gets an entire week. It’s time to pay homage to National Payroll Week! And why not? Who doesn’t love payday?

National Payroll Week always coincides with the week of Labor Day, September third through 7th, and celebrates payroll professionals. It’s these fine folks most of us rely upon one to four times a month, doling out the “reward” for hard work and helping keep the bills paid. If you substitute the word “pittance” for “reward,” you’re not alone.

As for payroll professionals themselves, National Payroll Week is intended to raise awareness of their efforts with an additional “educational component.” The hope is that workers look closer at their paychecks, learn more about the payroll withholding system, and take full advantage of payroll-related benefits.

Another way to honor payroll professionals? Give each one in your Payroll Department well-deserved individual recognition with a People Spotter Name Plate Holder. It’s an appropriate gesture and a nice way to honor those who make payday happen!

Several distinctive new Name Plate variations are hitting high popularity now, including Cubicle and Desk Name Plate Holders with color border options. Premium thickness acrylic with polished edges lends a distinguished look to these stellar spotlights. Some orders also include free perforated card stock for DIY insert printing.

Wall Mount Name Plate Holders are also easy to install at eye level. Framing name and title inserts in a black or silver bordered framework adds nice aesthetic appeal to the office, too. Obviously, you have choices!


While we’re on the subject of payday, did you know that the Payday candy bar got its name in 1932 when the creator at the Hollywood Candy Company couldn’t come up with a name…and it just happened to be payday? It’s also said that – according to ancient “paystubs” – Egyptian and Mesopotamian employees used to get paid in beer and commodities. THAT must have been an interesting Payroll Department!