Must Have Sign Holders and other Essentials for the Restaurant Industry

Must Have Sign Holders and other Essentials for the Restaurant Industry

According to the National Restaurant Association, 2014 restaurant sales hit $683.4 billion…jumping nearly $96 billion in just four years. With steady growth and no slowdown in sight, the restaurant industry is expected to add 1.3 million jobs over the next decade to help meet foodservice demands. Indicators also point to another profitable year ahead for restauranteurs.

Of course, tough competition will determine how those profits are divided as restaurant owners and managers scramble for an advantageous edge. This is where smart marketing and presentation are key factors – not just getting customers through the door – but also in building guest checks. Advertising those all-important specials to a captive audience with attractive Table-Top Sign Holders, Table Tents, Menu Holders, and Multi-Sided Sign Holders can provide a HUGE contribution to your “per guest” averages. It’s all about suggestive selling, and using POP Displays to your advantage is like giving each member of your wait staff a personal sales assistant.

Acrylic and Leatherette Table Tents are a great start. You can show a lot in a basic double-sided Table Tent to both sides of a booth or table. Menu specials and colorful drink incentives are easy to switch out from either side of the acrylic Table Tent Sign Holder style, ideal for continual updating to attract new customers via word-of-mouth while capitalizing on inquisitive repeat customers’ wishes. A wide range of standard size options can also help accommodate your print materials.

In the Leatherette Table Tent version, you also get stylistic options to match your décor. Though made of a vinyl material, Leatherette Table Tents closely resemble genuine leather to offer a classy touch to tabletops and bar tops. They are also available in different color options.

Want to multiply your sales opportunities per table? Consider six-sided Lucite and eight-sided Plastic Sign Holders. Both offer magnificent views to more hungry eyes…perfect for larger tables. Higher volume plus more options for your customers equals better profit margins. The only limit on these Ad Holders is your imagination.


By the way, how do your Menu Holders showcase what you have to offer? When you think about it, it’s your menu that tells customers what you’re all about. It’s the single most defining connection between your success and the customers who will make or break you. Give your menu the spotlight it deserves in a vertical standing acrylic Menu Holder…also a good idea for bar tops and wine lists. Plastic Products Mfg (PPM) can also help you create added brand awareness with custom imprinting on your Menu Holder’s sloped base. Got the best Margarita special in town? Customers won’t forget where to find it.

Here’s another area you should consider: customer feedback. Sure, you can gauge success in dollars and cents…but not always. If business fluctuates, it’s especially important to get customer feedback and find out why. Set up a Ballot or Suggestion Box and encourage your customers to tell you their likes and dislikes…then adjust accordingly. Numerous styles of Large and Small “Donation” Boxes are available to help accumulate these most important opinions.

Honing a sharp edge in the restaurant business applies to more than kitchen knives. From Acrylic Easels to four-sided Restaurant Sign Holder / Table Tents, take advantage of every angle with crystal clear viewing acuity. PPM has the POP Displays that will help pique customer interest, right there at the table. They’re already sitting and hungry, why not give them more of what they want? Boost your per guest sales with Sign Holders and Menu Holders geared specifically for your foodservice operation, bistro, fine dining establishment, or franchise. A comprehensive catalog is available right now at Orders for standard styles can be processed right away for shipping, and PPM’s legendary Customer Service can help with custom orders and screen-printing. Bon apetit!