More Effective Holiday Marketing with Acrylic Sign Holders and Acrylic Menu Holders

More Effective Holiday Marketing with Acrylic Sign Holders and Acrylic Menu Holders

Economic indicators point to a festive shopping season ahead and “go time” is here now! Retailers and restaurants alike are gearing up for festive revelers, eager to spend. Proper marketing can make all the difference in profit margin so give the customers what they want and show them the way…namely with clear Acrylic Sign Holders and Acrylic Menu Holders.

Strategically placed Acrylic Sign Holders in retail environments are a great way to grab attention in busy foot traffic, especially at the point of purchase. Colorful promotions and signage really stand out in their acrylic showcases, helping cross-promote and boost sales.

Upsells are also crucial in foodservice and bar establishments. For many purveyors, holiday sales can be the difference between merry times to close 2023 and a lump of coal in the stocking. Suggestive selling gets significantly better in the right Acrylic Menu Holder.

Plus, you can reach more eyes at the table with multi-sided options like our Three-Sided Acrylic Menu Holder. It commands attention front and back, three different ways. Hungry and thirsty customers can’t miss the latest and greatest offerings, and that helps servers build those checks…as well as their tips and incentives!

Advertising clothes, electronics, or furniture? Seasonal specials in an Acrylic Sign Holder gives potential buyers a clear visual in a classy display.

Got a tasty dish to tell diners about? Food looks especially delicious when you show it in an Acrylic Menu Holder. Same for specialty holiday cocktails. Want to shine a spotlight on multiple sides in multiple panels? The Three-Sided Acrylic Menu Holder is proven effective and reaches the eyes of more customers in one seating.

The holiday shopping season is under way already and only getting busier in the immediate weeks ahead. Don’t wait to order literature displays in our proprietary acrylic to get the full advantage!