Menu Holders and Culinary Headliners at the National Restaurant Association Show

Menu Holders and Culinary Headliners at the National Restaurant Association Show

The key to success in restaurant, bar, and food establishment upsells relies heavily on promotion…and updating sales campaigns frequently can be especially beneficial in capturing repeat customers – also vital in competitive markets.

If you’re in the food service industry, perhaps you’re attending the National Restaurant Association’s 2018 Show in Chicago May 19th – 22nd, the industry’s “most talked about event of the year.” This huge extravaganza showcases everything from the latest culinary breakthroughs to transformative new equipment and technology. Big names like Condoleeza Rice and Keith Urban will also be there.

In keeping with the inspiration, we thought you might also consider the visibility of promotional campaigns in your layout. After all, hungry, thirsty people have come through your doors, eager to spend. Show them the way in classy, crystal-clear acrylic Menu Holders.

First rule: be sure you get maximum visibility from all sides of the table. The Style BD Double-Sided Table Tent Menu Holder features two Sign Holders rising from a sloping base supporting both. It’s sturdy and functional with room for larger displays that slide in place easily.

Style Q delivers a FOUR-sided view in a unique block shape. You can showcase four individual promotional pieces in one display for a captive audience that’s ready to eat. Rotating any or all four promotions is fast and easy with simple bottom-loading convenience.

How about a triangular look? Enter the Style G Three-sided Triangular Clear Table Tent Menu Holder. It’s uniquely designed to spotlight three individual inserts in polished premium thickness acrylic.

Of course, these are just a few options to explore. Acrylic Menu Holders and Sign Holders make exceptional aides for servers building checks…and higher revenue at your register. And if you plan to get an even sharper edge at the National Restaurant Association Show 2018, don’t miss the Block Party! Rumor has it that there’ll be free food and drinks at Chicago’s most talked-about bars and clubs!  Just sayin’.