Magnetic Sign Holders, Picture Frames…and their Magnetic Attraction to the Eye!

Magnetic Sign Holders, Picture Frames…and their Magnetic Attraction to the Eye!

Magnetism has fascinated mankind for centuries, even before research into magnetic fields began in the year 1269. That’s when French scholar Petrus Peregrinus de Maricourt used iron needles to cross at two points, making the first recorded correlation to the Earth’s north and south poles.

Fast forward to 1982 when General Motors and Sumitomo Special Metals developed neodymium magnets, considered the strongest available for commercial applications and use in everything from cordless tools and hard drives to fasteners…which in turn makes them ideal in merchandising with Magnetic Sign Holders and Picture Frames.

Communication is key in retail sales and branding…that’s no secret. How that form of merchandising is approached can determine success or failure. An effective, modern look using Magnetic Sign Holders and Picture Frames offers many benefits. These acrylic POP displays deliver tremendous eye appeal as promotional showcases. They complement retail décor. And they are easy to use.

Here are two prime examples. Style A3 and A3B Slant Back Photo/Sign Holders are comprised of two premium thickness acrylic panels that seal promotional literature securely between them. Four neodymium magnets hold those panels (and promotions) in place. The back panel in A3B is black for an even more distinctive look. Both have a beveled, polished look.

Upgrading to Designer Series C3 Clear Acrylic Picture Frames also has its benefits. The upright double-sided exposure in a free-standing picture frame atop a ½” thick clear acrylic base grabs attention, accentuated by polished edges and four silver, flat neodymium magnets.

WFT Thick Magnetic Picture Frames also use those 5/16” flat silver magnets to spotlight promotional material between two ½” thick clear acrylic panels. No doubt this free-standing Sign Holder can stop busy foot traffic for a look at its contents and uniquely special offers.

Other good reasons to consider Magnetic Sign Holders? They are easy to reposition strategically throughout the store. No special tools for mounting are needed that could potentially damage walls or fixtures. Broad appeal makes them ideal for practically any retail décor. Plus, they’re very cost-effective!  Talk about magnetic appeal!