Magnetic Name Plate Holders…The NEW Kids on the Block

Magnetic Name Plate Holders…The NEW Kids on the Block

What’s in a name?  When it comes to putting names in the spotlight, there are two new kids on the block that make every name a star: Executive Series Magnetic Name Plate Holders from Plastic Products Mfg.  These Clear Acrylic Desktop Name Plate Holders lend a chic look with magnetic attraction…literally.


Looks aren’t everything but let’s start there anyway because Style NPA3 is runway stylish!  This Name Plate Holder was born to play the countertop with edges polished at a 30-degree bevel; boldly strong and confident at 1/8” premium thickness.

Among Style NPA3’s other stunning features?  Each corner is accented by four neodymium magnets that not only add to the aesthetic appeal, they also deliver a key strength component as well.  Those magnets provide the muscle that seals front and back acrylic panels together with your name/title inserts held firmly in place.

The beauty of the countertop presentation with this new design in a Magnetic Name Plate Holder?  It’s the combined overall effect of the slant-back appearance, thick clear acrylic plates, and four magnetic posts that pleasingly draw the eye…just like the biggest stars to the screen.

That same star appeal of Style NPA3 can also jump from the desktop and countertop to your wall of fame.  That’s where the second new kid hits the block: Style NPW3M, Plastic Products Mfg’s Wall Mount version of the Magnetic Name Plate Holder.  This athletic model also loves being looked at…with its polished, beveled front edges and crystal clear acrylic acuity.  Like its counterpart, Style NPW3M Wallmount Magnetic Name Plate Holderis available for custom sizing requests.  The significant difference in the two styles is that Style NPW3M has a mounting bracket on the back for easy wall mounting.

By the way, those other New Kids on the Block?  They’re attempting a comeback on the music scene with the new release of Thankful and accompanying tour.  Back in their zenith in 1991, the Wahlberg brothers Mark and Donnie along with the rest of NKOTB sold an estimated $400 million in merchandise alone, including lunch boxes, comic books, and dolls.  The group even beat out Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, and Bill Cosby on Forbes’ list of highest-paid entertainers in 1991.


On a more personal level, look at it this way.  If names and/or titles are deserving enough to be on your inserts, don’t they also deserve to be shown in the best possible light?  These new kids in the Executive Series Magnetic Nameplate Holderline will put them in the limelight like superstars with magnetic appeal!