Identifying Workplace-Inclusive “Mother’s Rooms” with Wall Nameplate Holders

Identifying Workplace-Inclusive “Mother’s Rooms” with Wall Nameplate Holders

In case you didn’t know, women make up more than half of the American workforce for the first time. While the debate continues about pay equity (or inequity), changes are afoot in America’s evolving workplaces.

One issue gaining attention concerns breastfeeding mothers. Working nursing mothers make up a growing percentage of the general workforce and some employers have become a bit inventive in the creation of designated spaces. Gone are repurposed supply closets and less-than-hygienic restrooms, not to mention the “cover versus no cover” debate. Enter the “Mother’s Room!”

One company featured in a interview has been producing specially designated “Lactation Suites” since 2013. Mamava’s innovative rooms for breastfeeding and pumping mothers come in several styles and sizes. Some are considered “comfortably compact” for size-challenged workplaces and larger models offer more room for public spaces and larger offices.

Regardless of the dimensions, these units are smartly designed and equipped. Ventilated and well connected with occupant activated lighting, Mamava calls each pod “mom-ready the day it’s delivered.” They even supply a Smart Access app for security and some Mother’s Rooms come with fridge-ready units.

How to designate these unique new spaces so they’re easily identifiable? That’s where Acrylic Wall Mount Name Plate Holders enter the picture.

Acrylic Wall Mount Nameplate Holders display signage for Mother’s Rooms in crystal clear, premium thickness acrylic. This aesthetically appealing Name Plate Holder line delivers identification with sharp visual acuity in a material that’s easy to clean…a benefit as we attempt to make workplace surfaces as anti-septic as possible in the face of COVID-19.

Versatile enough for duty in other office signage scenarios, Wall Name Plate Holders are simply attached with Velcro, Magnetic Strips, or Dual-Sided Foam Tape. Name Plate inserts slide into place securely and custom printing them is a breeze.


Curious what a Mamava Mother’s Room pod exterior looks like? This model was sighted in Phoenix…as you might have guessed from the vista.