Identifying February as Free and Open Source Software Month

Identifying February as Free and Open Source Software Month

Chances are, you spend a lot of time in front of screens both on and off the clock. Go ahead, admit it: we’re all guilty. But have you ever thought about the creative process behind the design and implementation of commonly used software that doesn’t require a fee? There’s a dedicated movement behind open licensing and free distribution of software, something being celebrated in February as “Free and Open Source Software Month.”

This month’s recognition is all about access. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) essentially makes code publicly available so users can add features and improve designs. According to the Open Source Initiative (OSI), this kind of collaborative development from multiple independent sources “generates a more diverse scope of design perspective than any one company is capable of developing and sustaining long term.”

Why is this important? Shared “open source” information can benefit multi-faceted interests in search of solutions…academic, business, government, and charitable groups, for example. Think of Open Source Software as a virtual library for web servers, server operating systems, browsers, databases, desktop operating systems, e-mail, and IT infrastructure. OSI calls it “community-building, education, and public advocacy to promote awareness and the importance of non-proprietary software.”

No matter how communal the source of information on your screen, February is more than a month to identify with free, open-source software. It’s also a fine time to identify the individuals using it. That’s where Computer-Mount Name Plate Holders enter the picture.

Geared to fit the most popular monitor sizes, name/title inserts load easily in these dynamic, sturdy Computer Name Plate Holders. They are easy to re-use and stand up to the test of time with tough vinyl composition. Computer-Mount Name Plate Holders are meant for the long-term, just as open-source software is intended for use…and recognition through February.