How to Preserve Your Photos for National Save Your Photos Month!

How to Preserve Your Photos for National Save Your Photos Month!

Every year around this time, proud families take pictures of students going off to school. It’s a tradition that is timed perfectly for National Save Your Photos Month, designated each September to heighten awareness about the importance of preserving photos.

Sure, social media and digital photography play a key role when it comes to capturing images. But traditional pictures are what typically stand the test of time, passing enjoyment across generations. That’s why part of the emphasis of Save Your Photos Month is a reminder to scan and save digital pictures. Otherwise, those vintage images can be lost forever due to technological malfunctions and human error.

Meanwhile, here are a few suggestions to help you preserve your pics.

Documentation is key, especially with older photos. Including names, dates, and places can help future viewers know what’s what. Back up those digital photos, print them out, and scan copies. And remember that keeping digital pictures on a jump drive or cloud system is smart…but you don’t want to keep them “caged up” where no one can see them.

As for old photos loaded with questions, reach out to family members before “who and where” details are lost forever. This just might be the most important part of that documentation process.


Storage and display is where an Acrylic Picture Frame comes into play along with traditional photo albums and photo-safe containers. Waterproof containers offer protection. And albums preserve pictures efficiently. Displaying your most treasured photographs in style? Acrylic Picture Frames deliver clarity and superior protection.


Magnetic Acrylic Picture Frames are easy to use. Two ½” thick Clear Acrylic Panels secure your treasured photo in place.  Four neodymium magnets snap the panels together and voila: you now have a free-standing picture frame. Plus, each Magnetic Acrylic Picture Frame offers double-sided viewing so you also get two display options with one frame.

Still have questions? The organizers of Save Your Photos Month also suggest joining heritage groups. Many are just a click away online!