How to make a Sign Holder with Brochure Holder

How to make a Sign Holder with Brochure Holder

Ever wonder how we turn acrylic into Sign Holders WITH Brochure Holders built-in?  We’re going to reveal the secret here!

It’s not magic that makes a 4” wide Brochure Pocket appear so seamlessly attached to a Sign Holder more than twice as wide.  This carefully detailed process begins with glue, though not the type of household or hobbyist glue most commonly used.  Those viscous adhesives have properties geared to fill gaps while joining pieces together.

For our purposes, special acrylic cement is required…a thinner substance that’s practically the same consistency as water.  It doesn’t fill gaps and, believe it or not, actually has no adhesive properties.  But while it can’t be used on any of those household projects, it’s the ideal adhesive for acrylic…”softening” the plastic’s chemical properties in order to merge the pieces.  The molecules actually intertwine, literally turning two pieces of acrylic into one!  The cement then evaporates, leaving one solid acrylic structure free of any sign of the glue – or should we say acrylic cement.  It’s more like welding than gluing.  In fact, this part of the process is officially called “solvent welding.”

This chemical solvent, like any chemical, has to be handled carefully with gloves.  It’s applied using a needle-like hypo Applicator with Squeeze Bottle.  Since the cement doesn’t fill gaps, the sides being joined have to be perfectly smooth and flat so they’re flush when put together.  That means no rough saw cuts!  Of course, for our process of gluing a Brochure Holder to a Sign Holder, this is not an issue.  A router helps ensure a smooth edge that’s right for gluing.

Now for the precision part.  Using a type of combination square to make sure the pieces line up exactly, we’re ready to marry the two holders.  The hypo applicator is then put to use.  With a steady hand, the solvent is delicately applied along the joint, bonding in a matter of minutes though it generally takes a day or two for the solvent to completely adhere before the finished product is moved or handled.  The solvent actually flows into the joint, ensuring a perfect seal – and further reason why there can be no gaps.  The bond is uniform and super strong.

Once polished and inspected, a perfect Acrylic Sign Holder with a Brochure Holder is ready for shipping and display use.  And the seams where the two are cemented?  You’d never know they were apart!  If you’re curious about any of our incredible processes, you’re always welcome to ask.  We’re glad to show you and share how acrylic works…the proverbial secrets to our success!