How PPM’s industry-first Rotating Turntable Display can boost your POP revenue

How PPM’s industry-first Rotating Turntable Display can boost your POP revenue

Finding effective new ways to draw customer attention with Sign Holders, Table Tents, and POP Displays just hit new heights at Plastic Products Mfg (PPM). Long known for innovative new products and approaches, PPM’s introduction of the industry’s first Rotating Turntable Display makes promotional campaigns stand taller and deliver more eye-catching appeal through movement and 360-degree exposure.

It’s no secret: when you put your top product or line on a rotating pedestal, customers are instantly drawn. It works at car dealerships, and retail countertop POP Displays with watches and fine jewelry. Yet no other manufacturer/supplier of promotional display products has captured that concept until now. PPM’s revolutionary new Rotating Turntable Display lends that captivating movement, synchronicity, and height to retail and service-oriented promotions more effectively than ever.

Both electric and battery powered, this unique rotating display brings new excitement to in-store campaigns. In the restaurant/bar industry, Turntable Displays provide an especially effective way to run promotions when combined with PPM Style G Sign Holders and Table Tents. With this Triple-Sided Vertical Sign Holder perched on a Rotating Turntable, multiple panels are presented for easy viewing every few seconds. Staff can easily interrupt the motion temporarily to switch promotional literature in this convenient, top-loading model, then resume rotation immediately. It really gives your establishment a cutting-edge look while showing your hottest sale items.


Also effective in similar venues, Style Q four-sided Restaurant Sign Holders used in conjunction with Rotating Turntable Displays deliver an attention-grabbing dimension in high foot traffic areas. Putting this symmetrical design in rotation can also deliver results in your campaigns on countertops and desktops…solid results that just might surprise you.

Another advantage to PPM’s Rotating Turntable Display? The low price tag! Exceptional R&D behind the scenes has resulted in a turntable that’s dependable and works hard – only in a design that’s budget friendly. Turntable Displays can also be customized in ways where the only limit is the imagination. PPM put that versatility to practical use in a custom Gift Card Display Holder developed for Massage Envy Spas. It’s exemplifies the direct one-on-one opportunities available…ways to maximize customer loyalty, retention, and upsells while they’re right there in front of you. As a leading player in a thriving industry, the forward thinking applied at Massage Envy can be easily duplicated in other service capacities.

Similarly, options for successful campaigns can be found using multi-sided Sign Holders with rotation on a Turntable Display. Show six sides with Style D6; eight using Style D8. Whichever fits your needs best, promotional literature and the latest advertisements will get more attention on a Rotating Turntable Display. Consider it a highly cost-effective return on your POP Display investment.

PPM Customer Service Specialists can help you put bold new Rotating Turntable Displays to work for you right away. Or keep an eye out for new developments at Hands down, there’s never been a better way to put a positive “spin” on your business!