How Point-of-Purchase Displays and Sign Holders Help Boost Black Friday Sales

How Point-of-Purchase Displays and Sign Holders Help Boost Black Friday Sales

Anticipation is building as the big day nears. Yup, Black Friday…traditionally the single biggest sales event of the year for hopeful retailers. In recent years, Black Friday has been challenged by Cyber Monday online sales, creating a sense of urgency for brick-and-mortar establishments trying to capitalize on motivated in-store shoppers.

Every detail counts when your most profitable projected period of the year boils down to one specific day, more or less. As sales personnel prepare for the overwhelming hordes, visual aids from Sign Holders can serve as most capable “sales assistants.”

Numbers have shown in the past that just about 70% of in-store sales are impulse buys. Black Friday shoppers in force are eager to spend and visual guides can single-handedly spotlight any number of hot products, ringing the register and building buzz among other shoppers.

Classic Style A Sign Holders perform admirably. Strategically placed, these Point-of-Purchase displays create an eye-catching showcase that makes promotional literature stand out nicely.

The Crystal Clear A085110ST Sign Holder is in especially high demand this time of year, checking in at 8-1/2” wide by 11” high. Made of sturdy, premium-thickness acrylic, this Sign Holder slants back to make sales inserts pop out and reach the eye. It can take hard knocks and swapping out inserts on a busy Black Friday floor is fast and easy!

When exactly did the day after Thanksgiving become known as Black Friday? The informal name for the beginning of the Christmas shopping season was first used in 1952, according to some. Others believe it originated in 1961 in Philadelphia, describing unusually disruptive traffic that day after Thanksgiving. It was another 20 years before the term Black Friday came fully into vogue, representing the difference between being “in the red” and “in the black.” If you’re in retail, make Black Friday count!