Getting the Green Edge in Marketing with Glass Green Photo Frames and POP Displays

Getting the Green Edge in Marketing with Glass Green Photo Frames and POP Displays

Looking for new ways to capture customer attention through the New Year and beyond? The answer just might be found in an approach that combines classic and traditional looks with modern, trendy, and cutting edge: “Green Edge”…as in Glass Green Photo Frames, Poster Holders, and POP Displays.

The eye-catching allure of Glass Green actually traces back to a larger family of colored glass in Ancient Egyptian art and Roman Empire architecture. Those ancient glass-making techniques found a resurgence in the 19th century with Cameo glass, and that appeal transcended into the realm of marketing in a new 20thcentury economy. Today, that nostalgic look is once again riding a wave of popularity in marketing…and that in turn is translating into profitable business use.

Recognizing the strength of Glass Green in Premium Plastic Sign Holders is where Plastic Products Mfg (PPM) gives distinct advantages – not just to retail operations and professional centers – but also to universities, hospitals, and executive building signage. The new wave of Style W2 Glass Green Photo Frames also symbolizes the color of money where it flows most freely: in casinos. By implementing classic Glass Green in Photo Frames and Poster Holders, the broad use of this specialized plastic is finding new audiences in a broad range of venues.

It’s not just visual appeal that makes Glass Green Photo Frames instantly attractive. PPM’s new designs provide versatility in vertical and horizontal displays with multiple mounting and functionally attractive standoff options for a higher-end appearance with Glass Green Poster Holders. Keyhole attachments in the back of the Photo Frame keep mounting hooks behind the signage so hardware can be kept hidden from sight. End users can also move Display Holder posts to switch from vertical to horizontal displays and vice versa, accommodating a wider range of print materials. This is where Glass Green Poster Holders can really show their effectiveness as showcases for portrait or landscape display alternatives.

Glass Green is an extremely tough plastic with a .098 thickness. It’s remarkably similar to actual glass in appearance yet carries higher visual acuity characteristics, guaranteeing that no text, graphics, or photos will be lost to the eye. The sturdy composition also makes Glass Green Photo Frames and Poster Holders able to stand up against hard knocks, especially in high foot traffic areas.


Another attribute of PPM Style W2 Glass Green? Size. While standard Glass Green Photo Frame sizes are 4” x 6,” 5” x 7,” and 8-1/2” x 11,” all are customizable to any desired specifications. That same versatility holds true in different Green Glass Beveled Poster Holders. PPM Customer Service Representatives can work with you on varying size requirements and customization options should you be interested in personalized displays.

Give your print and promotional literature a fresh look with a Glass Green tint. Whether for use as aesthetically appealing informational signage on campus or as a way to command attention in POP displays, take a closer examination of PPM’s Style W2 Glass Green Photo Frame and Poster Holder options in our online catalog at Special pricing is now available to help introduce the beauty and effectiveness of Glass Green Displays to the marketplace. Be sure to note the dramatic volume price breaks on bulk orders, too. With well-stocked inventory on the floor, orders can be processed for fast shipping right away!