Eye-Catching Sign Holders Highlight California Restaurant Month

Eye-Catching Sign Holders Highlight California Restaurant Month

The end of January marks the conclusion of a major culinary celebration in the state of California. Delineated by region, California Restaurant Month puts the spotlight on destinations like Napa Valley and “rising Farm-to-Fork star Sacramento” in the North…foodie-favorite eateries in the Bay Area…and oceanfront dining, ethnic cooking, and microbrews in the South.

Of course, California is a huge state famous for its diverse restaurant scene, with much ground to cover in just one month. Toward the end of the road trip, judges detailed a Taco Tour through Los Angeles and San Diego. For a more luxurious, romantic dinner, places like 21 Oceanfront in Newport Beach get the nod.

The San Francisco Bay Area is so renowned for legendary food establishments that California Restaurant Month has narrowed its focus with designated weeks…in Alameda, Berkeley, and Carmel-by-the-Sea, for example. More than 30 Berkeley restaurants are participating, serving German, Spanish, Ethiopian, French, and Mediterranean fare in the city’s 8th annual micro-celebration. It was, after all, where Alice Waters began the food revolution at her Chez Panisse in 1971.

If you’re in-state and have a chance to sample California’s delicacies before February gets here, take notice of menu displays and how specially featured dishes are put in the spotlight. For any restaurant on the spectrum from fast food to fine dining, successful cross-promotions and upsells are what it takes to build guest checks. That translates to bigger bucks at the register and a more memorable visit for hungry customers.

Books have been written about the art of menu design and the critical mission to make certain selections stand out to roving eyes. Equally important are the vessels showcasing food and drink descriptions in clear, colorful fashion.

Eye-catching Swivel Base Sign Holders help deliver that high visibility, especially in classic Glass Green. Our 4 x 6, 5 x 7, and 8-1/2 x 11 Sign Holders command attention in premium thickness acrylic. The double-sided literature display swivels atop a sturdy base, delivering outstanding exposure to everyone at the table. Who knows? Your next favorite dish might be right in your line of sight!