Essential Nameplate Holders for National Name Yourself Day Fun!

Essential Nameplate Holders for National Name Yourself Day Fun!

Have you ever wanted a different identity, just for one day? Good news! National Name Yourself Day is April 9th, a prime opportunity to be somebody else. Who knows? You might feel the vicarious thrill of an actor or an undercover agent! And no matter what, you’ll need a way to showcase that new identity with options in Acrylic Nameplate Holders and Cubicle Name Plates.

While the origins of National Name Yourself Day are a little fuzzy, there is a distinct possibility that it was created by, or at least for, those who dislike their own name(s). Sad but true, many names anointed by well-intentioned parents are legally changed later by those bearing them. But National Name Yourself Day is open to everyone, so let the masquerade begin!

The first step is picking a new name. Or nickname. You could be someone familiar or let your imagination fly and adopt a whole new moniker.

Acrylic Name Plate


Once your new name is decided, the next step is printing a name tag. Of course, encouraging co-workers, friends, and colleagues to join the festivities will likely also help boost spirits, so don’t be shy.

Next comes the display. If you’re celebrating National Name Yourself Day in an office environment, Cubicle Name Plates can be an eye-catching showcase. Polished edges and attractive colored border options only enhance the spotlight on those new “names for a day.”

If your workday is a bit more virtual, you can still give your new name proper visibility with an Acrylic Name Plate Holder. In-person or in zoom meetings, premium thickness acrylic is crystal clear and easy on the eyes. As for the custom inserts, perforated card stock can also be included for DIY printing.

Ever wonder how many Americans change their names for real every year? There is no actual tally…the estimate is around 50,000. But for National Name Yourself Day? Be whoever you want and spread the news. We have your essential Nameplate Holders to assist the celebration!