Effective Signage and Sign Holders Point the Way to Safer Health

Effective Signage and Sign Holders Point the Way to Safer Health

Frightening, deadly, and highly contagious: this is the shadow of Coronavirus covering every aspect of our personal and professional lives. It’s hard to escape. Where we eat, how we shop, the minimal company we keep…everything is different. For now. Sooner or later, some sense of normal life will return. Until then, spreading proper information is vital to make sure you and those closest to you come through healthy.

Uncertainty is one of the scariest characteristics of COVID-19, reflected in everything from panic buying at the store to panic selling on the stock market. That uncertainty is why the dissemination of information is so key.

By now you’ve heard the messages about handwashing and social distancing a million times. But they can be easy to forget in the moment and reminders can be downright lifesaving. For businesses and essential services that must remain open, high visibility signage and literature is essential. In addition to the CDC, for example, the Red Cross offers recommended steps to limit the spread of germs and prevent infection.

Combining these printable materials for health guidance in addition to more location-specific signage can stand out more visibly with Acrylic Sign Holders that allow foot traffic to absorb information while keeping their distance. Acrylic delivers clarity, sharp visual acuity, and a surface that’s also easy to keep clean and sterile. Desktop and wall-mount Sign Holders offer placement versatility in strategic locations to help foot traffic avoid gathering, no matter how minimal the number of people.


Once Coronavirus is under control, there will likely be new ways of everyday living. Advancing higher use of telemedicine can help relieve overburdened emergency rooms, thus reducing the chances of infection. More point-of-purchase payment scanning could minimize hand-to-hand transactions and germ spreading. And displaying vital signage in solid, sanitary Acrylic Sign Holders can help keep information flowing, even when social distancing.

Stay safe and healthy. Be smart. And if you’re among those on the front lines from grocers and pharmacists to hospital triage, thank you.