Economy Sign Holders: The Big Bang For Your Buck Theory

Economy Sign Holders: The Big Bang For Your Buck Theory

     It’s a tough place, this competitive new global business arena. Besides the continual ebbs and flows of the economy and the effect they have on commerce, just trying to keep an edge on pricing and the COST of doing business poses huge challenges. Overhead, freight costs, payroll, facility management, marketing, distribution, permits, taxes, insurance…these business expenses mount in a hurry! No wonder it sometimes feels like the sharks are circling. 

     Business owners, operators, and managers know this scenario all too well and are charged with the task of finding ways to operate in leaner fashion while still trying to turn a profit. Those who supply these decision makers and their operations must also have a keen eye on the marketplace and help contribute to something we call the Big Bang For Your Buck Theory. It’s simple, really.In a strong relationship between businesses and their suppliers, vendors find ways to help maximize what buyers get for each dollar spent.Those placing the order have already had to make tough decisions in those first-paragraph categories, and continuing to do business with forward thinking suppliers will be an easy decision if the vendor’s done their part to help keep costs low. Display stands, sign display holders, economy vinyl holders, and a number of other acrylic display options are among the formulas we’ve developed in support of the BBFYB Theory.

  But before we explore this illuminating idea, let’s take a look at a couple of interesting pieces of empirical data and lay the groundwork.According to a small business survey by the National Association of Independent Businesses, employee wages are the biggest expense across the board at 19.4%.No big surprise, right?  By the way, 750 businesses with fewer than 250 employees responded to this survey in case you were wondering.Without listing every category, the second highest expense: inventory at 7.7% and a little further down in fourth place is business equipment at 3%.Just below utilities at 1.1% is the cover-all category of “promotion, advertising, meals, entertainment” at 1%.Now, whether you categorize sign holders and displays as business equipment or as part of your advertising and promotional budget, we’ll show you how to get a Big Bang For Your Buck with Economy Sign Holders.We know showcasing top promotions may not be QUITE as important as keeping the lights on (by X number of percentage points), but there’s no denying: it’s still vital to the bottom line!  Economy display stands are sturdy but thinner, and instantly add value in quantity and shipping equations.Here are the specifics…      

   Economy Clear Sign Holders are a great start.They slant back for easy readability, providing a crystal clear look at your top promotions.They’re adaptable to vertical and horizontal ad slicks, giving you dual functionality straight out of the box.And since this economy copy holder comes in five versatile sizes, you’re also presented with more streamlined options for brochure displays and hot promotion spotlights.Plus, the .070 thickness makes this economy sign holder a durable investment that ships well and lasts an incredibly long time.A scientific triumph that really takes a knock!

     Top-loading Economy Version Acrylic Display Stands also grab attention from both sides…an excellent low cost option, especially when you consider their value in high foot traffic areas.A double sided display stand in crystal clear acrylic has the potential to grab so many pairs of eyes, the payback could be scary in a really good way.Having your name or logo imprinted on the sloped base also adds to this display stand’s value, ensuring the association between you and the promotion du jour.

      Another element of the BBFYB Theory?It has to be double-sided Economy Sign Display Holders, known not just for their ability to stand out on countertops and desktops, but also for their tremendous economic capacities.Available in four standard sizes, carton weight and quantities make this stand-up display holder a true BBFYB value.Yet there’s no sacrificing visual acuity so the message you send still grabs the customers’ attention.The view from both sides?  Excellent!

      We mentioned earlier that it takes forward thinking to develop solutions for customers with tough budgetary choices to make.That’s why we developed Clear Vinyl Sign Holders, attractively geared for countertop promotions and something you could use in a retail environment, trade shows, food-and-wine events…an array of opportunities.They’re ideally angled for a perfect reading slant, too.They travel well and come with a foldable stand, adding to their reliability and making Economy Vinyl Holders worth way more than their light weight.You can really take advantage of volume with vinyl sign holders in quantity pricing and shipping.     

      If you’ve felt a little pressed budget-wise, don’t despair!There is help for your economy and we hope you’ve found our Big Bang For Your Buck Theory very enlightening.Put Economy Sign Holdersto the test and see how successful your own experiments will be.   

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