Designer Series Sign Holders…and Standoffs, Then and Now

Designer Series Sign Holders…and Standoffs, Then and Now

Early June marked a momentous time in American and world history.  June 6, 1944 was D-Day…the largest amphibious landing in history and the beginning of the allied invasion of Normandy on the northern coast of France.  German defenses anticipated an invasion, only they had their attention focused north of Normandy thanks partly at least to a clever American decoy campaign.  Still, 60 German divisions awaited the landing forces of 150,000 soldiers…and by the end of the day, 15,000 lay dead or wounded.

June 6th was a bloody day in history but also changed its course.  A shift began in the world’s largest scale standoff called World War II, and many brave souls gave their lives that day to make it happen.

Today, a different kind of long standoff is in the news but in a much different way.  No sacrifices or hardship involved.  This time the news is only good, nobody gets hurt, and the standoffs in question are a key part of a new POP display sure to get attention.

So, let’s shift gears and look at Style A2C Specialty Curved Sign Holders with Long Standoffs.  A Glass Green variation is also available is the Style A2C B GG Designer Series.  More on that shortly.

Style A2C B is the latest release from Plastic Products Mfg, a curvaceous, eye-appealing display that’s unique in many ways.  The aesthetic attraction begins with a black acrylic backing and a clear acrylic front plate, a combination geared to draw attention to your latest promotional literature and POP specials.

Four metallic standoffs hold those plates intact and lend a clean, modern look to the display itself.  More than just a contemporary accent, the two lower standoffs also deliver structure and support to the Curved Countertop Sign Holder.  The added length of the lower standoffs helps them serve as a supportive base, yet they stay largely out of sight behind the display itself.

Also unique to Style A2C is its curvy, attractive design.  This bold look stands apart from traditional countertop displays, drawing the kind of attention that makes foot traffic stop and shopper’s eyes take notice.  Specialty Curved Sign Holders bring a fresh, new look to revenue-producing POP countertop displays.


Style A2C B Specialty Curved Countertop Sign Holders’ streamlined appearance is also exceptionally tough…tougher than you might expect at first glance.  Premium acrylic thickness at 1/8” helps this Sign Holder stand up to hard knocks for longer usefulness in future campaigns.

Toughness and the ability to face hard knocks made soldiers in green legendary in the hardest days of WWII.  In Style A2C B GG, Glass Green delivers a finely polished image in vertical or landscape displays.  As with its counterpart, your promotional literature and custom graphics are easily placed between the two curved cut panels, also in premium thickness of .100”.  The significant difference is the glass green beveled front, creating an elegant look befitting of its place in the Designer Series.

Certainly, the standoffs so key in Specialty Curved Sign Holders are far different than the standoffs that took place on that deadly June 6th, 1944 and the months that followed.  Remembering and preserving the past and how the significance of D-Day affects us today…that’s important.  Planning for your business and promotional future?  There’s no time like the present and Style A2C B and Style A2C B GG are two excellent ways to start.  Explore these Specialty Curved Sign Holders with Long Standoffs and in Glass Green!