Cubicle Name Plate Holders for a Better, More Cooperative Office Environment

Cubicle Name Plate Holders for a Better, More Cooperative Office Environment

Ever work next to a cubicle nightmare? You know, someone who’s oblivious to the volume of his or her own voice? What about that special co-worker who feels compelled to start a random, meaningless conversation with you, disregarding even the possibility that you’re just trying to do your job? Partition walls may generally be four to six feet high, but it’s amazing how some either treat cubicle walls as invisible or think of themselves as invisible within them.

Debby Mayne recently discussed “Cubicle Etiquette” for The Spruce, a publication geared, in part, for interior design. Noise awareness was high on the list of violations. Earbuds have minimized overzealous music invasions, but not the humming or urge to sing along. And workers who adopt a “phone voice” seem to forget that everyone within ear shot can hear them. Mindfulness of others and better self-awareness make simple remedies.

Smells matter, too. Exorbitant amounts of perfume or microwaved fish brought back to the cube for a working lunch? No good…try to avoid such extremes. Cubicles don’t seal out smells-next-door. Personal grooming? Remember that cubicles still have openings visible to any passersby.

Which leads to maybe the most important aspect of cubicle etiquette: privacy. Technically, a person’s cubicle is their office, their private work domain, and should be treated accordingly even if it has no door. Mayne even suggested fashioning a “busy” sign as a reminder. Making cubicle signage more visible? That’s what the PNHT2 Tiered Cubicle Name Plate Holder accomplishes.

Easy to install securely atop partition walls, this clear acrylic Name Plate Holder elevates displays with a view from both sides. It’s not only the perfect spotlight for Name/Title inserts framed in stunning silver, the Tiered Cubicle Name Plate Holdercan also guide passing foot traffic with Directional Signage and Combination Suite Identification. You can use your imagination if you want to express your need for privacy.

Being double-sided by design, this Name Plate Holder can also foster a sense of camaraderie among cubicle neighbors, giving each individual recognition in one shared “People Spotter.” Nothing showcases that symbiotic working relationship more than a Tiered Cubicle Name Plate Holder, especially with Silver Borders!