Building Better Mousetraps…and Name Plate Sign Holders!

Building Better Mousetraps…and Name Plate Sign Holders!

Familiar with the old saying “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door?”  Don’t worry if you’re not…Ralph Waldo Emerson said it in the 1880s, or so legend has it.  Of course, the more modern application of the phrase is best put by Wikipedia: “a metaphor about the power of innovation.”  Build a needed product better, never stop trying to improve it, and the world will beat a path to your door to get it.

That’s exactly what Plastic Products Mfg achieved in the latest Style NPS Name Plate Sign Holder with Standoffs.  First, it’s constructed with nearly indestructible acrylic that’s super-tough yet maintains extremely high visual acuity characteristics.  Secondly, the addition of Standoffs delivers added stability and, better yet, a stylish metallic look.  Function and good looks go hand in hand with this most unique Acrylic Name Plate Holder.  Build a better mousetrap…

The movie Joy got a brief mention in our last blog but it bears revisiting briefly on the subject of “better mousetraps.”  Jennifer Lawrence portrays Joy Mangano, the real-life self-made millionaire whose better mousetrap was the Miracle Mop, a patented design mop that wrings itself.  Mangano created an overnight success with it and the world did beat a path to her innovation via QVC and the Home Shopping Network.  It’s a prime example of how this old saying actually succeeds in action!

As a Desktop Name Plate Holder or Countertop Name Plate Holder, consider the benefits that come with Plastic Products Mfg latest design.  You can feel confident in their durability and eye-appealing display in any busy office setting, bank or credit union, hotel, government building…anywhere really.  The Standoffs really set them apart, and inserts are easy to load.  Simply put, Style NPS Name Plate Sign Holders with Standoffs are the best new way to go, like the better mousetrap and the Miracle Mop.

Manufactured with industry-leading flexible, sturdy acrylic, custom sizing is another distinct advantage with Style NPS.  As always, a Plastic Products MfgCustomer Service Specialist will be glad to help with dimensions and a quote.  Just say N-P-S and we’ll know exactly what you’re looking for!