Brick n Mortar Furniture Store Displays – Still Vital After All These Years

Brick n Mortar Furniture Store Displays – Still Vital After All These Years

When it comes to buying furniture, customers still want to see and feel what they’re getting.  No matter how great the impact online shopping and e-commerce have on certain market sectors, investing in furniture still gets done largely as it always has: in a brick-and-mortar environment.  It’s just not the same as buying music, books, or cookware.

Furniture Today’s Clint Engel wrote about this very subject in March 2017.  Citing Doug Stephens’ “Reengineering Retail: The Future of Selling in a Post Digital World,” the hard question is addressed: do physical stores represent overhead or a clear advantage over e-commerce sites?  In the case of furniture, Stephens points out that a massive showroom can be designed to give customers a tangible, tactile, and meaningful experience…showcasing products with a look and feel simply not available via online shopping.  But Stephens also warns that such physical space can be a waste if not set up properly!

That’s where details count.  How are you presenting merchandise to your customers?  Are you using Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays to your best advantage on the floor?  Give them a crystal clear, aesthetically appealing view with acrylic Sign Holders, Poster Holders, and Literature Displays.

Style A Sign Holders deliver durable thickness and optimal viewing with a slant that greets the eye.  Combine a classy look with call-to-action functionality in Style CTC POP Display Holders.  The center display creates the draw…additional brochure pockets on either side invite the kind of consumer interaction that leads to sales!

Floor layout and the best ways to utilize physical space should include visual guides for browsing customers.  One aspect of online shopping that consumers appreciate is the fact that they are in control.  You can give shoppers that same sense of control as long as you give them informational aids in their search.  Eye-catching displays greatly enhance those opportunities.  Style CP Sign Display Holders with a Brochure Holder provide that same kind of draw with “grab-n-go” capability.  Customers get the big picture from your sign display which pulls them in.  The 4” wide brochure pocket provides the interaction that turns a possible sale into real revenue.


No matter how cool a website looks, interior store design and layout gives furniture a more prominent display because it showcases each actual piece that buyers can see better in a way that more closely resembles how it will fit in their own personal space.  Sure, you can apply tape measure mentality and a little guesswork to online shopping, but discerning buyers just might prefer to see for themselves.

Help them along.  Enhance the décor of your store and give your sales force a boost with strategically located Literature Displays in appealing acrylic.  Style AP Acrylic Sign Holders with Brochure Holders lend a classy look with a slant in the sign holder portion that makes eye contact perfectly.  Exceptional clarity can make a huge difference!

Clint Engel might have said it best when considering “…the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that leads some stores to offer up more than just product and price to encourage consumers to move from the small screen and into brick-and-mortar theaters to buy.”  In other words, success is at least based partly on the “in-store experience and what it takes to get consumers off that sofa and into the store to buy a new one.”  Your display holders count!  Find out more from your Plastic Products Mfg Customer Service Specialist and see the difference for yourself!