Best Sign Holder Values in New Thicker Premium and Glass Green Materials

Best Sign Holder Values in New Thicker Premium and Glass Green Materials

From subway cars to internet searches, vehicle wraps to TV promotions-within-promotions, it’s easy to get lost in today’s visual media blitz. As a businessperson, you can either throw in the towel or explore new options in areas that include POP Displays and Sign Holders, giving your brand increased awareness and profits a boost. But what new options deliver that kind of edge over previous Sign Display Holders, Table Tents, and different sizes of Menu Sign Holders? Plastic Products Mfg (PPM) has two distinct alternatives recently introduced to the market, each with unique characteristics and benefits.

The intense R&D behind PPM’s new Thicker Premium Material resulted in the creation of unparalleled quality Sign Holders and Poster Holders, a full .098 thick yet with clear visual acuity for which the company’s been known for over three decades. PPM also managed to make new display styles available to meet demand at a surprisingly low cost…the same as thinner counterparts and competitor models.

The second alternative comes in Glass Green Sign Holders, Sign Frames, and POP Displays using an elegant, classy, and proven look. Here’s a way to separate yourself from the crowd with a look of distinction that really captures consumer attention in higher-end clothing and furniture stores, growing restaurant and bar establishments, the hospitality industry, doctor/dentist offices, upscale retail operations, spas, and clubs. Glass Green Sign Frames are a prime example of the sophisticated look you get with polished edges and rounded corners.

At the point-of-sale where purchasing decisions are made or lost, give yourself a little sales backup. In restaurants, triple-sided Menu Sign Holders and Table Tents are at your service. Command attention in Glass Green. Or capitalize on your investment with cost-effective, Thicker Premium Material. With multiple viewing sides and angles, you can coordinate ideal combos that directly appeal to your customers and easily track the more successful ones for repeat runs and higher check totals every week.

The same principle applies to countertop and desktop promotions with double-sided Sign Display Holders. This POP Display stands vertically on a solid base and loads from the bottom. Geared for viewing both front and back, you can instantly double your promotional impact to build your bottom line. And by choosing Glass Green or Thicker Premium Material, the allure of your strategically placed Sign Display Holders grows to spread the word about your biggest promotions. It’s a stand-up style that really draws the eye in a compelling way.


Dual sided visibility in a top-loading style also comes in PPM’s industry leading Display Stands in Thicker Premium Material or as a standout, sophisticated Glass Green display. Whichever material you choose, this is an exceptional style for custom imprinting the sloped base for added brand awareness. A PPM representative can go over your options in both material and customization to fit your campaigns and your budget.

From elegant showrooms to bustling trade shows, no display stand is more widely used than best-selling slant-back Sign Holders. Available in a wide range of styles and over 500 sizes, a major aspect of Sign Holder appeal is a simple one: it directs your promotional advertising straight to eye level. At events in arena lighting, Thicker Premium Material Sign Holders cut right through the glare and stand up to knocks better…in transport AND heavy foot traffic. In busy retail environments, you can set up Sign Holder displays in the busiest part of the store to get the job done, especially during the busy holiday season.

The slant on Glass Green Sign Holders works its magic in similar fashion, only in a different type of venue. Fundraisers, corporate events, awards ceremonies, luxurious resort and hotel settings, posh showrooms…make it Glass Green and note the hypnotic draw it creates.

You’ve already invested in the promotional advertising, printing, and marketing campaign. It only makes sense to show them in their best possible light to get the highest return and ignite immediate calls-to-action, right? PPM Sign Holders and POP Displays in new Glass Green or Thicker Premium Material are the wisest choices. Browse the catalog at and contact a representative if you have any questions. Your order can be processed for fast delivery!