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Acrylic, Styrene, and Polycarbonate: The Moldable Super Substance Takes Multiple Forms and Shapes

The shape of plastics has changed considerably over the years…literally! 80-some years ago, the versatile properties of transparent polymers really showed in WWII aircraft. Acrylic and plexiglass canopies proved tougher, lighter, and more aerodynamic than other materials, especially in demanding combat conditions.

Fast forward to the present and you’ll see that the industry has taken plastic and acrylic attributes to even greater levels. And while not all plastics are acrylic, all acrylic products are indeed based on plastics. Injecting molded acrylic is one of the more popular methods…it requires less labor and lower costs to produce (and reproduce in longer production runs). And the result is clear as glass, only twice as strong!

Injection molding is exactly what makes Acrylic Brochure Holders from Plastic Products Mfg so durable and long-lasting. Acrylic Nameplate Holders, too. Polymers and “chains” can be altered depending on size and shape variations. The acrylic material is bendable in manufacturing, yet crystal clear, virtually indestructible, and impact-resistant when finished.

Clarity and strength also make acrylic ideal for more complex displays where joints require bonding with invisible solvents. This process takes a little more time, yet the construction is super strong with no markings to show where the joints were bonded.

Acrylic Cubicle Nameplate Holder
Durable plastic can also take the form of styrene or injection molded polystyrene. It’s that thinner, more aromatic, and slightly brittle type of plastic you find in consumer products from license plate frames to disposable razors and picnic forks. Styrene properties have also transformed how plastics can be recycled, something of vital importance going forward.

Polycarbonate is another clear thermoplastic polymer type. It’s a synthetic transparent resin that’s highly resistant to heat, weathering, and chemical solvents. Polycarbonate is what you might consider “bullet-proof glass”…the same material now used in armored windows and, yes, airplane windows like those heroic plastic predecessors from the Second World War. Polycarbonate strength is undeniable.

What really makes acrylic stand out in display mode, however, is its aesthetic appeal. If you want to attract eyes to Acrylic Nameplate Holders, Acrylic Brochure Holders, and essential information, just think of Plastic Products Mfg. Injection molding may not sound sexy but it can still make a great first impression!