Acrylic Sign Holders and Sign Frames to Showcase National Food Safety Education Month Messaging

Acrylic Sign Holders and Sign Frames to Showcase National Food Safety Education Month Messaging

From rebounding restaurants to a new wave of home chefs, America’s passion for cooking and eating has never been hungrier. Sure, feeding this culinary frenzy takes a certain level of skill and understanding flavors. But whether cooking at home for family and friends or cranking out dishes at your favorite eatery, they share common kitchen dangers and a need for food safety recognition.

That’s the theme of National Food Safety Education Month in September. Foodborne illnesses are a primary focus because bacteria, viruses, and parasites are inherent in poorly prepared foods. Improper cooking temperatures, unsanitary food prep surfaces, dirty hands, less-than-sterile utensils…these culprits for contamination require an important level of concentration.

Getting the message across clearly is the aim of National Food Safety Education Month. Acrylic Sign Holders and Acrylic Sign Frames make perfect showcases for essential reminders about food safety. Of course, busy kitchens can take a toll on signage, so protecting food safety messaging securely in an Acrylic Sign Holder is a smart move.

According to the CDC, there are more than 250 foodborne diseases. But all are preventable with the proper care, and visual reminders play a vital part. Posting safety guides and cooking temperatures in premium thickness Acrylic Sign Frames makes the message prominent. Mandated safety signage also stands out in attention-drawing Acrylic Sign Holders.

With the spotlight on food safety education in September, acrylic display holders deliver a modern look that gets noticed. Mindfulness about bacteria and chemical hazards is equally important for home chefs. But the subject of food safety itself is hardly new.

Federal oversight of food safety goes back a long way in American history. The first U.S. food safety law passed in 1785. President Lincoln formed the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 1862. And the USDA Division of Chemistry became the Food and Drug Administration in 1906.