Acrylic Picture Frame Designs for September’s Save Your Photos Month!

Acrylic Picture Frame Designs for September’s Save Your Photos Month!

Heard the news?  September is National Save Your Photos Month. Don’t scoff: it’s a real public service outreach campaign; an initiative designed to teach people how to “preserve life’s irreplaceable photos, videos, and documents, in case of unforeseen accident or disaster.” September is designated to raise awareness about the benefits of safeguarding photos for future generations.

Personal photo organizers are a traditional family favorite, especially this time of year. The transition from summer vacation to a new school year tends to strike a sentimental chord, and while there are plenty of digital images, social media posts, and selfies to go around, capturing actual photographs of these memories for physical viewing is important for posterity!

Organizing and cataloguing photos might conjure images of large, hardbound photo albums. Indeed, the endeavor itself goes hand-in-hand with a similar and highly popular hobby often geared toward preserving family histories: Scrapbooking.

Another outstanding approach to photo preservation? Sturdy, reliable Acrylic. Crystal Clear Acrylic Slant Back Picture Frames have the kind of long-lasting characteristics that keep pictures in pristine shape. They also deliver aesthetic appeal that makes photos proudly displayed in prominent places.

Standard photo sizes find a perfect fit with Style A2040060ST and A2050070ST Acrylic Photo Frames, 4” wide x 6” high and 5” x 7” respectively. The exceptional clarity is accentuated by four Stainless Steel Posts, one in each corner with the lower two serving as a base.

For a really modern, eye-catching look with dynamic appeal, Curved Picture Frames in Black/Clear options deliver solid impact.

The Style A2C085110B Curved Picture Frame checks in at 8-1/2” x 11” and features a unique take on the traditional frame appearance. This Designer Series Sign Holder/Picture Frame sheds the square look for more adventurous curvature. It too contains four metal standoffs that provide support and nice contrast for the eye. Pictures look incredible with the black acrylic background and clear acrylic front!


September is a special time for photo preservation…these are just a few ways to help make it happen.  Consider the opportunities and explore!