Acrylic Donation Boxes – Give Thanks for National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

Acrylic Donation Boxes – Give Thanks for National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

Let’s start with the numbers. In 2014, an NPR story estimated that there are about 14,000 pet shelters and rescue groups in the U.S. – most of them smaller operations – who take in approximately 8 million animals a year. While numbers of animal intakes have varied somewhat since then, they remain remarkably similar.

Even these estimates might be low, as pointed out by, due to lack of standardized reporting requirements. The “Shelter Animals Count” project has been working to correct the numbers and more appropriately address issues where they’re needed most.

One interesting finding also concluded that 44% of people surveyed had acquired their dog (or dogs) by adoption from a shelter or rescue. Cat adoptions scored even higher, slightly, at 47%.

Pet ownership in America is higher than ever and the fact that so many choose to adopt shelter pets is encouraging. That focus is sharpest during the first full week of November, National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week!

This observance recognizes the work and dedication these shelters provide, caring for stray and abandoned animals on their way to adoption with new families. National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week “also acknowledges the hard-working people who support the efforts of the shelters and keep pets healthy.”

Many shelters rely on the generosity of the public via grants and donations. Facilities, food, supplies, medical care, non-volunteer staffing…it all adds up. Some shelters also offer additional services like grooming, pet-sitting, and behavioral evaluations. They’re not free, either.

To help local shelters build support while in the spotlight for Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, we’re spreading the word about Acrylic Donation Boxes, including the PMBSC7LH Mini-Donation Box. This tough little unit still has plenty of room for a Sign Holder and comes complete with a lock to secure donations.

Our PMBSC6H Donation Box is another fine alternative. It’s 5” wide, Clear Lexan with a 5” x 7” Sign Holder and a Hex Set Screw Lock.


What both styles have in common is the ability to fill up fast at your local animal shelter…and this is the week to make it happen!