8 Businesses with Essential Sneeze Guard Needs

8 Businesses with Essential Sneeze Guard Needs

Across the nation, businesses are continuing to adapt their co-existence with a pandemic. Controlling foot traffic with physical distancing is one challenge, especially in areas with smaller interior square-footage. High visibility signage and displays are helping point the way while minimizing potential exposure to airborne particulates.

Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Protective Barriers also go hand-in-hand with business, medical facility, and campus upgrades. From reception counters to break rooms, protective barriers in clear plexiglass and acrylic are rapidly becoming standard fixtures in essential facilities.

Reputation for Effectiveness

Sneeze Guards may not be official medical devices but they do fit the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) category. Of course, the dynamic attributes of sturdy Acrylic Protective Barriers have been in use long before the arrival of COVID-19.

Think of salad bars and cafeterias. Plastic Sneeze Shields have been standard equipment for decades, providing a valuable, sanitary, health-minded service.

Thicker acrylic is also the model partition for transactions in higher risk cash businesses. A clear barrier with protective qualities, acrylic strength serves as a reliable shield for banks and check cashing operations to dispensaries and take-out restaurants.

Fast Forward to COVID-19

New office layouts are also discovering the essential nature of Cubicle Sneeze Guards and Freestanding Sneeze Guards. Even with social distancing measures in place, adding another layer of protection against droplets is both smart and necessary.


We’ve seen a sharp increase in orders for Sneeze Guards and Acrylic Protective Barriers across a broad range of industries. And we identified eight where demand is on the rise.

Top 8

1. Take-Out Restaurants

2. Government Facilities, Libraries, and Municipal Buildings

3. Nail Salons

4. Doctor and Dentist Offices

5. Banks

6. Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

7. Hardware Stores

8. Funeral Homes

Whether or not your workplace is on the list or mentioned previously, if it’s essential to the public, making the public feel safe is likewise essential. Sneeze Guards and Acrylic Protective Barriers help solidify that peace-of-mind. Explore your options and possibilities!