5 Ways to Effectively Use Sign Holders to Keep Your Office Safe

5 Ways to Effectively Use Sign Holders to Keep Your Office Safe

A whole lot of new do’s and don’ts are gaining visibility inside stores, offices, public buildings, schools…practically any indoor setting where congregating is possible. For establishments trying to stay safe and viable, clear signage in times of Covid is more essential than ever.

So are the Sign Holders displaying them. As businesses and campuses adjust to ongoing changes in safety protocols and gradually re-open to fuller capacity, communicating with foot traffic effectively is crucial. Physical distancing measures, important transactional details, safety signage, compliance displays, and guidance to personal protective equipment (PPE) use and sanitation stations…there’s a lot of information to convey!

Professional and medical offices face the same challenges. Sneeze Guards and Countertop Sign Holders, for example, are in high demand for points-of-contact. Places like cashier stations and retail counters…reception areas and consultation rooms for professional/medical offices.

Attention-grabbing Acrylic Sign Holders play a vital role in office safety. Here are 5 ways that just might apply to your workplace!

  • Safety First! Signage detailing your most up-to-date protocols and precautions provides assurance that your place is safe and compliant.
  • Use Wall-Mount Sign Holders, strategically located at eye level. This Sign Holder is easy to mount and ready for immediate signage display.
  • Social distancing markers. It’s not always easy to keep one’s distance. Sign Holders provide added value by any measure!
  • Point-of-contact information. Countertop Sign Holders also complement acrylic Sneeze Guards where personal interactions usually occur. An effective way to grab the eye!
  • Cubicle Sign Holders are in high demand, corresponding with a resurgence in evolving office floor plans. Adding acrylic Cubicle Sign Holders to partitions is a smart way to showcase safety signage, personal identification, and directional guidance.


With Covid cases declining and vaccinations ramping up, expect more shifts in signage and ways to get the message out this Spring. Acrylic Wall-Mount, Cubicle, and Countertop Sign Holders always make a clear impact!