The Importance of Sneeze Guards in the Office

The Importance of Sneeze Guards in the Office

As the pandemic chugs along and a good section of the work force continues operating remotely, many offices are adjusting so staff can return in a pared down setting. Staggered scheduling and physical distancing are making a big impact on floor layout. And figuring out how to keep staff healthy and not breathing on one another? That’s where Sneeze Guards and Acrylic Protective Barriers have become office essentials!

Part of the challenge is determining just how many different areas where transmission of airborne particles is most likely. If you already assessed all the possible points of potential contact in your workplace, were you surprised just how many you came up with? We may not have thought of them all, but we’re off to a diverse start in Sneeze Guard designs for different transactional demands.

One example in office upgrades is the shift from open-air floor plans to the return of the cubicle. Safely distanced, of course. And ideal for a Cubicle Sneeze Guard. They’re not medical devices or 100% COVID-proof, but Sneeze Guards DO qualify as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)…another level of shielding against droplets emitted through even simple breathing and conversation.  

But what about reception counters and areas where transactions are conducted? A Sneeze Guard with a Transaction Slot offers a protective barrier…with enough space to take care of business.


Our Countertop Splash Shield offers a similar approach with a solid panel from top to bottom. You’ve no doubt seen this type of Sneeze Guard model strategically placed in grocery stores, post offices, retail environments, and school campuses.

With so many changes over the past year, the smart bet is that further forthcoming modifications should be part of the business plan. Freestanding Sneeze Guards deliver heavy-duty protection in a lightweight model that is also quite mobile and easy to relocate. Need a clear partition between employee’s desks? Acrylic Protective Barriers are a fine alternative.

With a strong reputation for innovation in plexiglass and premium thickness acrylic, Plastic Products Mfg is stepping up to the plate and helping make a safer workplace. Explore the ways you can improve an even healthier interior!